Microsoft Outlook Cached Mode

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If your computer is not always connected to the internet, or the network that your Microsoft Exchange server is on, you may be best off running Microsoft Outlook in Cached Mode. Cached mode will save a copy of your e-mail account to your computer so you can work with it while you are offline, and then sync your computer with the exchange server the next time that it is available.

To configure Microsoft Outlook to use Cached Mode please follow these steps:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Select E-Mail Accounts from the Tools menu.
  • Select View or Change Existing Accounts
  • Highlight the account you want to modify and push the Change button.
  • Select the checkbox for Use Cached Exchange Mode
  • Click Next, then Finish.
  • Restart Microsoft Outlook.


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This is also good to know if you regularly experience some type of lag while using your computer. A lot of times when your computer connects out to the net, it pulls in more than it can handle at a time. And then your computer becomes very slow or bogged down. And if you have your mail client set to auto update. It could happen while it is running in the background and you will be sitting there looking at screen wondering what happened. This is a great way to avoid headaches like that.