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Hi I have been using msn mesenger for several years now but not the contact and chat area. I only use the mail section to receive my Windows Live mail. Over the past 2 months i have received pop ups stating that msn messnger would be shuting down and that a new version of messenger that included skype would be available to transfer over to. The windows advice clearly stated that my email address and contacts could remain the same and would automatic transfer over.
yesterday a email from windows surport team states that April the 6th would be the Last day messenger would be available. So i pressed the upgrade and ended up with SKYPE and not mail to be found or any where on the Skype sreen to get my emails .
I have had to do a systems restore back to yesterday to get back messenger to ream my mail.
Not sure what to do as the widows advice is clearly wrong , Help


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I'm missing the link between your old messenger mail alerts and your current problem.

It's true that Microsoft is pushing their users from Messenger to Skype.

Did you have mail alerts that automatically opened the Hotmail web page or a mail program such as Windows Live Mail on your computer?

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