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I work for a church and use Microsoft Outlook. We have about 200 listings in the address book. When I try to email to all of them, many of them are returned as failures. The ISP says that if we send more than 75, spam filters detect them as spam.

How can we get around this?

Thanks, Virginia

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Hi Virginia,

Would it be possible for you to copy/paste the response from your ISP and a couple of the error messages into this thread?

It sounds to me that your ISP is saying they have a limit of 75 recipients per e-mail message and that anything past that will be rejected. To test my theory can you group your list of 200 into 4 groups of 50 and see if you have better results sending the e-mails out in smaller batches?

How do you currently have the addresses stored? Are they part of a distribution list? Are you sending To: yourself and using the CC: line for all of the recipients? Are you sending the mail To: yourself and using the BCC: line for the members of the list?

With a little more information we should be able to help create a solution that works for your situation.

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Virgina you're probably best using an off site mailing service, maybe even mailing list software. Working for a church, funds probably aren't that great but even getting a small email setup with GoDaddy is only a few dollars a month and they're a lot more liberal with email sending limits.

Unfortunately residential ISPs often cap outgoing email for spam reasons for the most part there's no way around it. Most ISPs won't even give you a solid statement on the daily limit in order to thwart spammers.