Make your child internet savvy


My six year old daughter is very intrigued and curious about the internet. She knows and understands that having access to the internet is something different from just using a PC. I would like to introduce her to the net, but fear exposure to unnecessary and adult sites. How can I restrict her access to specific sites of her interest?

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First, I'd make sure you are there and watching while they are on the computer. Maybe this is a situation where the AOL software for internet access might be a good idea? That should do a good job of providing a lot of content while filtering out undesired content. You can also try a kids filter / web browser such as KidZui, The Internet For Kids. I have not used Kidzui myself, I found it with a google search. You may need to experiment and see what software works best for your situation.



The internet is probably the most powerful inventions of mankind. If used for productive and educative purposes, it can be very beneficial. Your child will develop communication and typing skills and will learn to express herself by using the internet. You can log on to for this purpose. The site allows parental control, monitoring control on your child’s usage of the net so that you can ensure a safe experience for your child.