Lost email in OE6 pack 3 . cannot sens / receive emails


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An unknown error has occurred. Subject '', Account: 'pop.go.net.mt', Server: 'smtp.go.net.mt', Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: '550 fender73.go.net.mt message was blocked as SPAM', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 550, Error Number: 0x800CCC69

I have lost all inbox mail
Thank you


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My INBOX mail has disappeared. Any help as to how to find them is most welcome.
I cannot send / receive any mail at present on OE.
Thank you


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I think this part of the error message is key:

550 fender73.go.net.mt message was blocked as SPAM

Is it possible that your account was compromised, used to send spam, and turned off by your ISP?

Try giving them a call to see if you need your password reset.

Also, a virus/spyware scan of your computer would be a good idea too.

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Thank you for your reply.

I've checked with my ISP and they said that everything is o.k.

In the meantime I have changed to Outlook as I could not send or receive in Outlook Express. My Inbox mail is still lost and I have not given up on them. I had this problem with lost mail in Outlook Express before and was successful in the past. I cannot remember what I was told to do.:confused:

Still thank you popowich !


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Since your ISP says everything is okay, it may be possible that this is the result of a virus or corruption on your machine itself.

Outlook Express stores your emails in files with the extension "pst". If a virus or other malware arrived in your inbox via email, it could be that the pst file was harmed, thus the problem with your inbox.

Otherwise, you may be able to access your pst files to find your old email.

Just in case this is a malware issue, I'd recommend scanning your machine to see if anything is still actively causing a problem. MalwareBytes is pretty good for this, as is AVG Free and SpyBot: Search and Destroy. Best case scenario: there is some malware on there, and cleaning it out solves the problem automatically.

There are ways to access the pst files, and even import the old email into your new Outlook, but first I'd recommend just trying to clean any existing malware out, and see if the easy solution works.


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Your best bet is to upgrade to windows live mail. Outlook express was entering its end of life phase in 2009 which means it is no longer being supported by microsoft. You're really better off upgrading to something that you can get support for if something breaks. The sooner you do that the better.


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Thank you Theresa! I am now using Outlook but I would still like to get Outlook Express working so that I can find all the lost lost email.