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Ray Warren

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Hello All
I am sending 6 emails via my program. As I test I am sending them to my email. I am receiving 3 to 5 each time but never the complete 6. I have split them to different email accounts but I have the same results. Is there a parameter on my email server I need to increase? I don't know where to go from here.


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Hi Ray,

How is your program sending the emails?

Does it do an MX lookup and try to send directly?

Does it connect to a specific SMTP server for outgoing relay?

Is it following however the server it's on is configured?

Once you know how it's sending, you'll be able to go to that server and check the mail logs to see what's happening to the emails.

If everything looks good there, continue following each hop from source to destination until you find the problem.

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When you send a message do you test the status of your 'send' to make sure it was accepted by the server? MTAs normally tell you whether or not they accepted the message and queued it for sending. For example:

250 Message received: <msgid>
550 Invalid recipient: <recipient>

Do you check for bounces coming back to you?


Ray Warren

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The program does check for a send return value. If it is less than 400 it is considered a successful send. Values greater than 400 return an error message.
The email is being sent through smtp server under MIME 1.0. I thought maybe that sending all emails to my email account might be a problem and split them up to various IT emails. I only received 3 of the 6. The other 3 got the session incomplete message. It is like there is a queue problem sending out.