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I have had a hotmail account since the beginning of hotmail. Now alas it time to give it up. MS won't let me into my own account!!! I have jumped through all the hoops and reset my password after a tremendous amount of frustration and patience. I have 4 other email that are fine. Even or company lost it with outlook... and dumped it for gmail. I am fining this one last try so I can see my emails of the last month or so. So why do you let me reset my password then still refuse to let me in????


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What error do you get when you login to your Hotmail account?

As you able to login? Do you have a different problem or error message after successfully logging in?


New Email
Mail or live whatever the confusing name is now... when I first got my mail account around 1995 isn, there was just hotmail, now there are all different kinds of names?? Very confusing :(

The stupid thing is MS wants to send me notifications to a mail I can't sign into. How stupid is that. I received two codes and used them both each time to reset my password. Then mail doesn't let me in still says. Someone is trying to get into your mail (it's like a robot and can't think) It's me trying to get into my mail.
It's wasting my time. I have 2 gmails ... no problems, two apple mails and 4 hot mails... MS is giving me a hard time.