Installation & Configuration of IMAPSync Tool on Linux for IMAP Email Migration

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    Step 1: Install Prerequisites

    sudo apt-get install makepasswd rcs perl-doc libio-tee-perl git libmail-imapclient-perl libdigest-md5-file-perl libterm-readkey-perl libfile-copy-recursive-perl build-essential make automake libunicode-string-perl libauthen-ntlm-perl libcrypt-ssleay-perl libdigest-hmac-perl libfile-copy-recursive-perl libio-compress-perl libio-socket-inet6-perl libio-socket-ssl-perl libio-tee-perl libmodule-scandeps-perl libnet-ssleay-perl libpar-packer-perl libreadonly-perl libterm-readkey-perl libtest-pod-perl libtest-simple-perl libunicode-string-perl liburi-perl cpanminus

    Sudo apt-get install libssl-dev

    Step 2: Install Perl Modules

    sudo cpanm JSON::WebToken Test::MockObject Unicode::String Data::Uniqid

    Step 3: Download IMAPSYNC Tool

    git clone git://

    Step 4: cd imapsync

    Step 5: mkdir dist

    Step 6: sudo make install

    Note: May be you find the following error while compiling the tool;

    What you have to do before using imapsync:

    Install Perl module Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA

    Install Perl module JSON::WebToken

    Install Perl module JSON::WebToken::Crypt::RSA

    Install Perl module LWP::UserAgent

    Install Perl module Test::MockObject

    Here is a cpanm command to install missing Perl modules:

    cpanm "Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA JSON::WebToken JSON::WebToken::Crypt::RSA LWP::UserAgent Test::MockObject"

    Makefile:91: recipe for target 'testp' failed

    make: *** [testp] Error 1

    Thing to do:

    sudo cpanm install --force Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA JSON::WebToken JSON::WebToken::Crypt::RSA LWP::UserAgent Test::MockObject

    You are done !

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