IncrediMail users - Please respond - Why do you like IncrediMail? (Conduit Search Protect)


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It's not often I make a negative post but I regret it every time I install IncrediMail.

How did you get IncrediMail?

Why do you like it?

What does it do better than other programs such as Mozilla Thunderbird?

Did it take over your computer with Conduit Search?

Did it close and restart your web browsers to force install configuration changes even after you said DECLINE?

After fixing your search settings does it keep force resetting to conduit search in new tabs?


*security scan*

I did not like IncrediMail in 2008, and in 2014 my opinion hasn't changed.

IncrediMail is infected with malware and should not be trusted or installed on your computer.


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Re: IncrediMail users - Please respond - Why do you like IncrediMail?

When I first went online (2000) and was on dial-up I was constantly playing with new email clients. Even though I eventually ended up preferring the included client best (Outlook Express), I did along the way try out Incredimail. For someone who likes/liked to keep in touch with friends via email, the bells and whistles that Incredimail has (stationery, smilies, etc.) can be quite enticing. And I really liked the themes they had for the client at the time, much better than boring old OE!

I myself never had any issues with the service during the relatively brief time I had it (which can be measured in months, not years). But it was reading others' concerns over the company's reputation and methods, potential spyware in the client, difficulty in fully removing it from one's system, less than stellar customer support, etc. that led me to play it safe and uninstall it. (And, yes, I did have to do some work searching online for help in making sure it was completely uninstalled, not leaving pesky and perhaps intrusive files after a 'normal' uninstallation. :rolleyes:)

It would be nice, for those users whose contacts are friends and family who may like some eye candy with their email correspondences, if someone could come up with a safe alternative to IM which still has top quality wallpaper, smileys, animations, etc.


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For the moment I uninstalled the Conduit Search & Search Protect and will make a few more How-to's before uninstalling IncrediMail.

Now that I say that I'm split on do I want to be promoting IncrediMail with help guides or hope those drive people to land here, see this discussion, and move on to a different mail program?

When trying to uninstall the Search it automatically rebooted my computer without asking me and guess what the first thing to appear in my system tray was?

Conduit Search Protect.JPG Search Protect.

I was able to uninstall it on the second try:

Conduit Search Protect Uninstall.JPG

It wasn't clear at first but Search Protect also appears to be Conduit since my firewall alerts started going off alerting me that it was trying to connect back to the Conduit servers.

A CCleaner scan only found a couple registry problems related to broken IncrediMail default icons etc.

My Malwarebytes scan is still running and has found 4 problems, after the uninstall, on a computer that usually has 0 problems.

My Avast never alerted me to any problems.

Looking back at my review from 2008 it looks like the IncrediMail partners have changed, but they still play a shady game after having been acquired by the Malware company Conduit in 2013, reinforcing that IncrediMail (and the apps it's installs) are spamware / spyware / malware.

It's terrible. It hijacks new tabs, search preferences, who knows what else.

The only comforting thought here is that I was already planning on getting a new computer to finally replace my old Windows XP.


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I bought IncrediMail Premium & IncrediMail Gold when I first started using a PC, (I think it was 1999), for these simple reasons: I can choose nice stationery; I can add animations & emoticons & I can change the font & its color. Those are the only reasons I keep using IncrediMail.
As far as "Conduit Watch" & "Search Protect" go, I don't know what they are, so I can't comment on them.
If I can add a "wish" to my comment, it would be to please restore all the old emoticons, animations, fonts etc. & make it easier for Gold Members to access everything like it was in "the good old days".
Thanks for asking!
Best Regards,


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My Scan with Malwarebytes finally finished this morning.

It found 34 problems related to Conduit, Trojans, Search & Coupons, etc:

conduit trojan.JPG

It took two reboots to clear the issues.

The first reboot for the problems to be removed from my computer, the second for Avast to fix itself.

I started a new scan to double check and make sure everything is cleaned up.

I did not like IncrediMail in 2008, and in 2014 my opinion hasn't changed.

I take it back. My opinion has changed. IncrediMail is worse than before. IncrediMail should not be installed!

It's too bad that CNET downloads still allows people to download and install this software.
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