iMac + Safari + Hotmail/Outlook


New Email
I have the latest iMac OS and the latest Safari upgrade and I have been using Hotmail to send and receive email. Not long ago it appeared that you were phasing out Hotmail and replacing it with Outlook. It is possible that my Hotmail account has switched to Outlook. Since then, whenever I go to Hotmail for my email, I get a page telling me "Please upgrade your web browser." A few lines later it says "…upgrade your current version of Apple Safari." I have wasted a lot of time trying to find an upgrade for Safari without success. Finally I contacted Apple and learned that I have the latest iMac OS and the latest version of Apple Safari. I was told that I can use Hotmail with my iMac, but not Outlook. Please HELP!
I do not understand what you want me to do in the "Tag" window. I have only one question. I don't know what "Trackbacks" and "multiple URLs" are all about, but I am hoping that if I put my email address there I will receive some help.