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its not exactly email, but its not exactly NOT email is it? Tell us about your IM habits, what do you like, not like, etc.

I use trillian, and windows based multi network client. I connect at the same time every day to 2 yahoos, 1 msn, 2 aols, 1 icq. I have contacts across all those networks. IM has gotten to be prevalent in my life that I deliberately close trillian (or gaim, or pigdin) on my home pc's so as not to be bothered by people outside of my normal work day. Anyone important has at least 2 different email addresses for me and one of them goes to my blackberry. . . .if necessary people can actually dial a phone number too, I always carry two phones . . .

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I use Trillian too. I have 1 ICQ, 2 AOL, and 1 Yahoo account.

I leave Trillian on all the time so I can receive messages.

Sometimes it drives people nuts because I ignore them when I am busy, but I rarely set a busy or away status.



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I have the same problem with not setting an away message . . . and consequently driving people nuts. Humorously, I've noticed only personal contacts have a problem with that. When work people don't get an IM answer in a timely fashion they ping my blackberry instead of getting annoyed. When my "friends" get ignored they start typing in all caps "ARE YOU THERE????" or the slight more annoying
"R U THERE?????????????????????????????????" over and over over . . . damn I really need to find some different friends.

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I use Pidgin formerly Gaim, Google Talk, and Yahoo IM. What I like about Pidgin is it's a no non-sense program it just chat's which is what it's supposed to do. :) Google Talk is the same, it's a real simple UI not a whole bunch of resource hogging add-ons and ads in your face. I mainly use G-talk for Gmail alerts though.

Yahoo IM I only use if I want to voice/video chat with someone or play games which is rare.

Edited to add:

I rarely turn on my IM clients except of Google Talk for the aforementioned email alerts (yeah I realize I could use Gmail Notifier). Mainly because I hate being interrupted when I'm in the middle of something..then as Ray and Yukon were talking about people get all PO'ed when you don't respond in .03 seconds. Screw that, for most part I setup appointments for IM convos unless I'm bored and have nothing better to do which is rare.
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In the effort to move away from IM and unused IM accounts I uninstalled my Trillian this afternoon.

I no longer use my Yahoo or AOL IM accounts.

I'm down to Gmail Chat (new) and Skype (been using for a couple months now)

I started the move to Skype since that is where most other people had already moved to.


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I'm still using Trillian. (old habits and all). I run the pro version and currently have it connecting:
2 YIMs
1 Jabber (google)
2 XMPP (custom / homegrown corporate work) (one I'm building one we're currently paying a 3rd party to host)
1 windows live / MSN
1 skype
1 facebook (when it doesn't annoy me with updates)