I Screwed my emails :(


New Email
Hi Friends,

I really screwed all my mails. I had some emails in my drafts which are actually Microsoft Outlook Mails dragged and dropped to the Desktop(in the shape of yellow envelope). Now I had saved all these mails in my Outlook Webmail drafts as I could not send them due to their large size. Now I tried to put all these mails in a .PST folder and then save this .PST folder as a Draft which I could later open in my System as I have Outlook configured...
But when I try to attach this draft(118 MB) an error pops up "The operation failed"
I dont know how to backup my mails. I did some googling and came to know that I could also sync my mails to GMAIL.
I also tried saving the links from my Outlook Webmail(not my the Outlook PSTN configured on my other desktop!!, I can access my Webmail from anywhere) to the desktop, using right click > save target as. But it did not know which s/w to open that saved file with. :( Help me .. I know its all confusing. Please revertback to me for any clarifications!!

Thanks in advance:D:thanks: