I believe my Email has been hacked.


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My hotmail email sends out random emails to random individuals in my contact list. This happens all hours of the nights and day. The direct individuals to different websites. I have sent a basis email out to all of my contacts warning them of this problem and asking them not to open any emails that seem unusual. How do I resolve this problem?

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Immediately change your password and security questions and answers.

If that does not fix the problem have one of your contacts send you the full headers from one of the emails :


We'll be able to help you figure out if the emails are being sent from your account or if someone / something is forging the From: address on those emails.

It's possible that it's a mutual friend/contact that is generating the random emails.



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My email was hacked and I changed the password. Then within 2 days it was hacked again and now I have been locked out by hotmail. I have tried validating the account, resetting passwords, using the mobile number for the code....nothing is working. Last message I saw was that hotmail locked me out. I didn't have an alternate email address attached.

Will I be able to retrieve my account?