How to verify an alias email address with AOL?

Bill S

New Email
Beginning with the May 2019 release, emails sent from an Outlook account that has a Reply-To are instantly rejected, with a message 550 Request failed; Mailbox unavailable. When the Reply-To is removed, or replaced with the real, physical email address, the test email sends correctly.

In the Microsoft forum, one person reported that when he "verified" his Yahoo alias email, it resolved the problem. Since the term "verify" seems to have more than one meaning, I'll quote him: "In order to prevent spoofing of an email address one has to verify that an alias (which I did use and had used for years) is a verified source. With the update on the yahoo server this old alias was still registered but not verified. I had to go in and find a way to verify my alias by clicking on the "return email address drop down menu" which opened up a side bar that let me "verify" this alias The server sent me an email - I responded and abakadabra the door was open again."

Since my three base email addresses were forcibly transferred from Verizon to AOL, I don't have an AOL account, and therefore can't talk to AOL support. I'd like to investigate his suggestion to "verify" my aliases with AOL's server, but without help from AOL support, I can't find out how to do it. The only relevant article I can find on the Internet assumes that one has an AOL account.

Does anybody know how to "verify" an alias email address on AOL (i.e., tell AOL that the alias email is legitimate), without having an AOL account?