How to restrict your Gmail inbox to your contacts list

Big Dan

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Would you like to know how to restrict your incoming emails so that you can only receive e-mail from your list of contacts?

There is no easy 2 clicks way to do it. Even with a lot of work there's no way to stop things from ending up in the inbox as it's the default folder.

The best way to configure your Gmail account would be to create a filter listing all the addresses in your address book using the format ( OR OR The parenthesis are needed for rules with multiple conditions. Then putting those messages in a label and archiving them so that the only mail matching those rules is in that label and doesn't show in the inbox. From there you can bookmark the label and use that to get the messages you want right away instead of just going to the inbox and navigating to the label.



New Email
thank you for that but is there a way to restrict outbound emails also?? and what email client can i use so that the site can not work around?