How to remove Yahoo premium services from your Verizon account

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Would you like to remove the Yahoo from a Yahoo enabled Verizon email account?

To remove Yahoo from your Verizon email account you need to switch to the Verizon MSN settings.

You do not need to install the MSN software to make this change.

Lets get started!

After making these changes please update the email servers listed in your email program:

Verizon incoming mail server (POP3):
Verizon outgoing mail server (SMTP):

If you have any addition questions please visit our Verizon Email Help forum.



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These directions clearly will not work anymore does anyone know how to remove yahoo Premium services from your email account I mistakely switched to this a couple of years ago and would very much like to go back to the plain jane verizon fios email account. I have 3 email accounts which all use Outlook and this is the only one that at least 4 times aweek makes me check the box to save my email password. I have built 3-4 new systems for myself over the past couple of years and 3 different O/S loads plus 2 different versions of outlook all act the same in this manner. :hammer: