How to recover all my lost emails in Hotmail


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Even though I have not used Hotmail very frequently in the last few months, I have an emotional bond with my hotmail account as it was my first email account on the internet and has been the nerve centre / storing point for some of my life's most precious memories, emails, posts, and messages for over 10 years.

And, today, I signed in to the account only to see everything vanished. I am definite that I have logged into the account in the last 270 days, so there's no way that my account could be deactivated. I don't know what I must do, but I need all my emails back. I would have lost very important, rather significant emails and msgs of my lifetime if I don't get my entire email log back - dating back to August 2002.

I have tried the suggestions and actions in the following posts, to no avail -
Recovering Deleted Emails from your Windows Live Hotmail Inbox

I have also posted a question on the hotmail support forum and received a response from a Windows Live moderator. Not even slightly helpful. He / she said that they tried to recover my emails, but were not successful.

It's utterly ridiculous that my mails have gone missing without any reason. Microsoft must have an answer an solution to this problem. No wonder people don't use Hotmail anymore. I was just thinking about making a switch back to Hotmail from Gmail, but I have been let down by Hotmail. I have lost a lifetime of memories and important messages by losing all my mails. Someone surely must have a solution to this.

Please help me recover my emails, somehow. Thanks a lot in advance!


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my hotmail email account has been blocked, how do I go about getting it reset? please i need it badly ,iam doeing all my buisniss through it,i have tried without succeed.please