How to "insert" in email want attachment to "show" so receiver does not have to click to open


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I need to send seminar announcements out via email.
I will send a pdf of seminar announcement with photo in announcement and I want my receivers (some receivers will not have macmail…but will have many different mail programs) to see announcement in body of email. How can I do this?
Right now I have tested with dragging pdf to email and have tried using the attachment tool. Person who uses "Thunderbird mail" is not getting attachment open…but has to click to open. Can I send in some other way to insure that everyone can see attachment open…and not have to click to open?


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Hi Lela,

Is the PDF a single page that's a picture of text or a multi page text document?

Most email programs should let you insert the PDf of the image inline.

If it's a simple picture it might work better to insert as a JPG instead of a PDF.


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Thanks very much for your reply…I will look into it tomorrow and get back to you.