How to include a picture in your post

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Click on paperclip icon


A box will pop up. Click on browse and search computer for file (picture) you want to post.
Click on the picture and then click on "open"



next select "upload" (your file name will show to the right of browse)


next click the drop down box next to the paperclip option
it will show your file, click on the name of the file
paperclip icon manage attachments.png

It will insert your pic (example shown) in the post. It will say "image and a number with brackets.

shows pic attached to post.png

Then write your post and click on submit. (you can write your post first and post the picture underneath. Either way will work.

To see the screenshots better, you can click on each image above.

If you want to add a picture to an existing thread, you will need to click on "go advanced" because it only shows limited options in the "quick reply" box"

go advanced.png

After you click on "go advanced" a box will pop up with the full toolbar showing instead of the smaller "quick reply" version.

go advanced full toolbar.png


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To place the picture in a specific spot within your post:

How to place attachments in posts.JPG

  • Click in the post where you want the picture to show up
  • Click the paperclip icon
  • Click the attachment you want put in that spot

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In the new version of our forums click the "Upload a File" button to select and upload a picture.
XenForo Attach File to Post.jpg

Then, place the cursor where you want the picture and click "Full Image" to insert it into your post.
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