How to import a mailing list from Microsoft Excel into Microsoft Outlook

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To import a mailing list from Microsoft Excel into Microsoft Outlook please follow these steps:

  • First, if the file is not already in CSV format, save save file as a CSV:
Excel - Save as CSF File.JPG

  • If Microsoft Excel is running then save all files and close Excel

  • Go to the Contacts view in Outlook. I click this button in the bottom right:
Microsoft Outlook - Contacts.JPG

  • Go to the File menu, select New, select Folder
Microsoft Outlook - File New Folder.JPG

  • Create the New Folder with the name of the Mailing List
Microsoft Outlook - Create New Folder.JPG

  • Go back to the File menu and select Import and Export
Microsoft Outlook - Import Export.JPG

  • Select Import from another file or program, then click Next
Microsoft Outlook - Import Export Wizard.JPG

  • Choose Comma Separated Values (Windows) and click Next
Microsoft Outlook - Import a File.JPG

  • Select Allow Duplicates to be Created and Browse to your CSV file
Microsoft Outlook - Import a File - Browse.JPG

  • Import the CSV file to the Mailing List Folder that you created earlier
Microsoft Outlook - Select Mailing List Folder.JPG

  • Click the checkbox, and then select Map Custom Fields
Microsoft Outlook - Map Custom Fields.JPG

  • Drag the information on the left to the corresponding fields on the right
Microsoft Outlook - Map Custom Fields - Step 2.JPG

  • Click OK when you are done mapping the fields, and then Finish
  • Go back to your Contacts view.
  • Go to the File menu, select New, then select Distribution List
Microsoft Outlook - New Distribution List.JPG

  • Create a name for the list, then click the Select Members button
  • Select the Mailing List folder you created earlier:
Microsoft Outlook - Send to Mailing List.JPG

  • To quickly select all of the addresses click the top one, hold down the shift key, and then click the bottom address.
  • Click OK when you are done selecting the addresses
  • Click Save and Close
Microsoft Outlook - Save and Close.JPG

  • To send to the list start a new e-mail as your normally would, click the To button, select the Distribution List from the drop down menu, and click OK
Microsoft Outlook - Send to List.JPG

  • Compose the message and click Send when done!
Microsoft Outlook - Send Email.JPG

If you have any questions about Microsoft Outlook please create a new thread in our Microsoft Outlook Support Forum.​


New Email
Once I have the names in the distribution list and send out the E-mail will the E-mail go out one at a time and is there a limit to how many in my distribution list.

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Hi Patrick,

I don't have access to an Outlook at the moment but I believe they send separately.

The limits for number of connections and recipients per email vary by ISP.

I see that Bell South limits by size (10MB) and that they might try to bill you $5 per spam incident, but I do not see any other limits publicly posted about their service.

If you are using another providers SMTP outgoing mail servers I can try to help you look up their limits.