How to hide the receipients addresses when sending an email to a lot of people?

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Do you want to protect the privacy of the people you are sending an e-mail to and not let everyone see a full list of the address that you mailed?

When sending or forwarding an e-mail to a list of address send the e-mail To: yourself and then BCC all of the other recipients.

First, click the link to enable the BCC field:

Yahoo Mail Enable BCC.JPG

Next, type in all of the e-mail addresses.

Yahoo Mail BCC.JPG

Compose the rest of the message as your would normally and then send.


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This should be done EVERY SINGLE TIME you are sending out a mass email for anything ever. People do not appreciate mass mailings that compromise their privacy.

I just joined relay for life for the American Cancer Society and the only option to email people is to put every person I want to email on the "TO" field. There isn't an option for a "BCC" An organization that large should be well aware of people's privacy and know full well that this is unacceptable.


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UPDATE- It is still not fixed this year so I just replied to the email from last year saying they were going to address it. :)