How to create a Hotmail account

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Do you want to create a new Hotmail account?

Do you already have a Hotmail account and want to create a second account?

  • First, if you already have an account and are logged in, click the Sign Out link in the top right of your Hotmail screen.
Hotmail - Sign Out.JPG

  • Next, go to and click the Sign Up button to create an account.
Hotmail - Sign Up.JPG

  • Last, select the service level that you want, and complete the registration forms.
Hotmail - Select Service.JPG

If you have any questions about Windows Live Hotmail please start a new thread in our Hotmail Support Forums.
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In 2015 to create a new Hotmail or account, first make sure you're logged out of any existing accounts, then use the "Sign up now" link on the home page:

Hotmail create second account.jpg