How to compress files before attaching them to an email

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Compressing large files before attaching them to an e-mail is a common sense step that saves both you and the person you are sending them to some time while reading their e-mail. No one likes to wait for attachments to download to their computer. Anything from a power point presentations to the BMP format pictures in your digital camera may be a large file. Compressing a file is easy and only takes a few seconds. Compressed files also have a better chance of not being over the size limit of you or your friends ISP email limits, and they are also more likely to get past ISP spam filters.

To compress a file please follow these steps:

  • Install a compression program such as WinZip or 7-Zip
Depending on your operating system installing one of the above programs may not be necessary to compress files, but it can make receiving and uncompressing files more convenient.

  • Right click the file and select send to compress folder
Compress File.JPG
  • You should now have a compressed version of the file on your desktop
Compress Folder.JPG
  • Attach the compressed file you created and send the e-mail following the same steps you normally take.
If you have pictures from a digital camera try resizing the digital camera pictures before sending them in an email.

If the email is still too big you can send files up to 2GB in size with YouSendIt.

Thank you for using this simple e-mail etiquette tip and making e-mail a little more enjoyable for everyone! :)