How to change the internet explorer internet options

Sandee Lea

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Thanks for the help, but I clicked on the Internet (that's all I have) icon, and it says that I am currently running without add-ons. So I can't get the tool bar. I had a laptop, but it blew-up on me, so had to come in his den and work on his stuff. What do I do to get the add ons? You see I ordered McAfee security, and it wasn't working, so they told me that I had to go in and delete Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2. So I did and now I have problems. Can you please help me with this? Thanks.

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If you go to the control panel and use the add/remove programs feature to uninstall IE8 you should be automatically reverted to IE7.

After going back to Internet Explorer 7 try the original suggestion for making Yahoo your default home page.

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