How to automatically forward email from a free Yahoo mail account

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The easiest way to enable forwarding for a Yahoo Mail account is to upgrade to Yahoo Mail Plus.

If you want to try and rig something up on your computer these directions may help :

The following directions will help you to configure your computer so that it will automatically download all e-mail from a free Yahoo mail account and forward it to another address such as your Gmail account. The required components are an active and free email account, YPOPS, Microsoft Outlook, and an active email account with another service provider such as Gmail.

The first step is to setup a mail program on your computer such as Microsoft Outlook add YPOPS.

After getting the POP3 part of the setup working you can use Microsoft Outlook rules to automatically forward all new e-mails as they are received.
  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Go to Tools and then select Rules and Alerts
  • Click the New Rule button
  • Select start from a blank rule
  • Highlight check messages when they arrive
  • Click Next
  • Check through the specified account
  • Click the specified link in the bottom box to select the account
  • Select your Yahoo account and click OK
  • Click Next
  • Check forward it to people or distribution list
  • Click people or distribution list in the bottom box
  • Type in the forwarding address in the To: field and click OK
  • Click Next. Click Finish. Click Apply. Click OK.
You MUST leave Microsoft Outlook running on your computer for the forwarding to work.

You can drag the Microsoft Outlook icon to the startup folder to automatically have it start when Windows reboots.

If the above is too technical or inconvenient of a setup for your computer consider upgrading to Yahoo Mail Plus.
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Yahoo Mail now supports automatically forwarding all email, for free, from a standard Yahoo email account.

Go to your Settings, click Accounts, and then click Edit:

Yahoo Settings.JPG

Yahoo Account Edit.JPG

In the Account Edit window click the radio button for Forwarding:

Yahoo automatically forward all email.JPG

Type in the email address you want your email forwarded to, select the type of forward, and then click Save.
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