How many e-mail addresses do you have?

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How many e-mail addresses do you have? Do you forward them to each other? Do you use the same e-mail address for every web site that you sign up on or do you use aliases so sites that spam you can be easily ignored? How old is your oldest e-mail address?

I have three e-mail addresses I give out and forward to a primary account that I check often. I have several other addresses that I check less often daily to weekly but they are still checked regularly. I used to maintain a long list of aliases so I could delete address that became a problem, but with SpamAssassin on my mail server and Gmail doing the spam filtering for other accounts I don't have a need for maintaining email alias lists anymore.

I often create throwaway address that are used once for testing and never used again.

The oldest address that I still monitor is about 10 years old now.

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I've got one main address that I use for everything. I have several others for websites that I own the typical webmaster and admin aliases but rarely send mail through them.

They all get dumped into Gmail. :)

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What domains are your addresses with and why do you like or dislike those email providers?


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How many e-mail addresses do you have?

Hmmm... Well, let's see. It's Monday, so I have 28. Maybe tomorrow it'll be different.

No, seriously. I really have a short attention span when it comes to email. I play around with it too much. Signing up for accounts. Canceling accounts. Then coming back to the ones I canceled. Etc. Things could change any time.

E.g. after a brief hiatus I returned to one of my favorites: Lightning fast (beta) webmail (same team behind myopera's). Nice features, with more to be added as the beta matures. And, with my single 'lite' family account, I presently have nearly 20 aliases reserved for when I need 'em. :D Most are short and sweet (< 6 character usernames and 2-5 character domain aliases). Some will be used for sign-ups (Amazon, Twitter, message board registration, etc.). Others for friends and/or family. Plenty to go around. Hey, I wouldn't even mind using one for Theresa's family. (Or is it 'spamily' ? :p)

But I also have accounts with Gmail, Outlook (the-email-service-formerly-known-as-Hotmail), Hushmail, MyOpera, EuMX and Yandex.

Of all these, only FM is a pay account ($15/yr.). Well, EuMX is, too, but I got it free.

My present main account is with MyOpera, but as I move things over (again) to FM, I'll no doubt auto-forward mail to MyOpera as well as my EuMX account for storage/back-up. I also use Hushmail for backing up only the most important emails, since I have a free (25mb) account there. (And I do occasionally do a back-up of emails by downloading to my Outlook offline client.)


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main account : most personal email , bank etc.
anonymous account in the name of twickster.
business account for freelancing , job-hunting etc.
work account
teeming account


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I have 1 that I use.

I have a primary email address and I use thunderbird to access it. It's strictly for business and important personal matters. (regarding my children's school etc)

I have a yahoo email that is really old that is all spam but I still check it periodically.

I have another yahoo that I tried to start hoping friends and family would respect my privacy and not send forwarded emails and junk etc. That didn't happen and that one turned into spam also so I dumped it and only check it periodically. I no longer give out my email address to friends and family.