How do you read and send your email?

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How do you read your email? Do you prefer POP3 and/or IMAP mail programs? Do you prefer webmail accounts? Perhaps you are a Linux guru doing something else crazy and insane? When reading your email are you security aware? Do you only use secure protocols such as HTTPS, POP/TLS, or IMAP/TLS for downloading and reading your email?

How do you send your email? Do you just click send and it works? Do you use your ISP's smtp server? Are you required to use SMTP-Auth? Do you send using an SMTP/TLS connection?


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When I first got a computer (2001) I did a lot of email, including a lot of Yahoo Groups mail. Since I was on dial-up, and we only had one phone line, I used an offline email client, Outlook Express for reading & writing. Soon I started trying out just about every other client out there. Premium ones (like the Bat) I only used for a trial period. I tested loads of them, but usually came back to the simplicity and (for me) reliability of OE. I would set up email accounts to POP and then "leave mail on server." Later I'd go to the webmail interface and move messages to folders. No big deal. And I found this method easier than IMAP.

When we got cable internet I began to use webmail more exclusively, though I have enjoyed all the functionality in Outlook 2007, which I only use for an offline back-up. For reading and writing I have pretty much moved strictly to webmail.

But I have a very short email attention span, so I'm constantly using my different webmail accounts for reading, writing and sending.

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Gmail's with the always use HTTPS option 90% of the time. The rest of the time I use Thunderbird with Gmail with IMAP on all three platforms as it's easy to copy TB's config files between computers. Yeah I'm pretty boring. :D