How do I spool my incoming email at Postini while my server is down for maintenance or upgrades?

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To have Postini hold your incoming email while you are performing maintenance on your mail server :

  • Click on Inbound Servers
  • Click on Spool Mgr
  • Click on Edit
Postini Spool Manager.JPG
After clicking edit above you will be presented with configuration options for spooling including the ability to setup automatic spooling when your mail server goes down or manual spooling where Postini will only spool you email when you tell them to.
Postini Spool Mgr Configuration.JPG
Experiment with the two options to see which works best for your environment.

It's probably best to leave automatic spooling enabled most of the time, but to manually enable spooling while you are doing server upgrades.

The reasoning behind this is that you don't want Postini to try and deliver email to you while you server is up but possibly misconfigured resulting in bounced or lost email.