How do I login to two webmail accounts at the same time?

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Are you having a problem logging into two different webmail accounts at the same time?

For example, trying to login to two different Yahoo or Hotmail accounts with the same web browser.

The problem is likely related to the cookies used to track you logins.

Try using two different web browsers, one for each login, for example using Firefox for one login and Chrome for the other account.


Big Dan

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Before I started funneling everything through Gmail, I'd have 4 browsers open.. This was back in the days before you could just throw away RAM. I remember it being IE, Netscape, Opera, and another one I forget now.

With Gmail now, 1 tab in one browser although I've started moving over to a new Google account.. That means two browsers open at the same time luckily I have enough RAM to throw away though.