How can I move IMail 10.0 and newer to a new server?


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If you use IMail Anti-Virus, install it after step 11 below.
Note: If IMail is already installed on the machine you are moving to, both machines should have the same version of IMail installed.
NOTE: You MUST deactivate IMail on the old server before you can activate it on the new server. Please See: ACTIVATE/DEACTIVATE IMail 10.0 or newer. (If you need to test the new install before activating, you will want to download and use a 30-Day Evaluation copy of IMail until you are ready to activate the new server.)
1.) On the current IMail server, shut down all of the running IMail services and exit from IMail Administrator.
(NOTE: If moving from/to a 64 Bit OS, you must use the 32 bit registry editor)
2.) Using the Registry Editor, export of the following two registry keys:

3.) Copy the registry export file to the new server and import it into the registry of the new server. (NOTE: If drive or path structure is going to change, you need to edit the registry to reflect this before moving forward.)

4.) Stop all Imail services on the current server. (If you are going to use the 30 day trial on the new server to test, you can skip to step 6 and not stop the services)

5.) Deactivate the license by running the activation utility.

6.) Copy the IMail directory (and any domain directories that are not sub-directories of IMail) to new IMail server. Place them in the same directory structure of your current mail server unless you changed the path(s) in the step 3.

7.) Copy the Workgroupshare.mdb from the current to a temp location on the new server.

8.) Disconnect the servers from the network and change the IP on the new server to the same IP addresses of the current server. Reconnect the new server to the network.

9.) Run the Imail installer and when it asks, change the install directory to the directory where you copied the files from the current server.

10.) Replace the Workgroupshare.mdb file that the install just installed with the Workgroupshare.mdb from the temp location from step 7.

11.) Check the settings for IMail services on the new computer.

12.) Start all of the Imail services.

13.) Check for mail delivery.