How can I find out about laws relating to emails


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I received an email with a false name claiming to be a neighbor and asking questions about my involvement in a local matter.

The email stated the name and that he lived in my sub division but did not give an exact address.
the name was not listed anywhere, voter, tax rolls or phone records.

I requested more information but there was no further emails sent.

We discovered who it was.
It was a person opposed to our proposal.
Is there any rules or laws that related to going this ?



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Hi Greg,

I am not a lawyer. For legal advice please contact a lawyer.

That said, you'd need to check your local laws but in most cases, no, I believe it is not against the law to use a fake name when sending an email.

If they become harassing or threatening you should contact your local police.

If you want them to suffer some consequence for their action you can try contacting their ISP. If you provide their ISP's abuse dept with the full email headers and prove the emails are coming from the computer belonging to the person you suspect the ISP may slap them on the wrist. Most likely no action will be taken.

I am not involved in your situation but on the surface it seems the best thing for you to do is laugh it off and move on.



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I figured as mush.

The individual is (believe it or not0 an elected official.

So we are thinking that a public embarrassment may be the best course.
unfortunately our group is divided over to ignore or inform the residents.