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debbie green

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I do not like the new setup on hotmail....cannot receive any mail because scroll does not appear anywhere so i can scroll down to my mails...also cannot send any mail........please help....

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Hi Debbie,

Several Hotmail members are reporting this problem.

We need some more information to help come up with a solid answer to this problem.

Do you know what operating system and web browser you are using?

Example answers would be Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7.

What happens if you maximize/restore your web browser?

Click the middle square in the top right of the browser.

Maximize and Restore Web Browser.JPG

In Internet Explorer, what happens if you change the text size on the page.

For example, change from medium to largest, or largest to smallest?

Internet Explorer - Change Text Size.JPG

Please let us know if either of these actions fixed the scroll bar issue for you.

Thank you,



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Also, please try hitting F11 on your keyboard to toggle between full screen modes as a troubleshooting step.