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When I go to my hotmail account, it directs me to whatever the screen looked like the last time I had visited. (ex: I had looked in my archives, the next time i would be in my archive box...or if the last time there were 3 new messages, it would bring me back to that screen, even if I had read those 3 messages).

Also, I am not receiving what appears to be like 90% of my emails. They just aren't showing up. I know this, because I have had multiple people send it to another email address that I have, and I get that one, but not the hotmail one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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Yup, I tried all that. And also, this is happening on both my home and my work computer. nothing has worked!

any other suggestions?

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You already tried 2 different web browsers?

I suppose experiencing the same problem from 2 computers rules that out though.

How long has this been a problem?