Hotmail is down / Why can't I access hotmail?

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Please see our updated guide about How to fix Hotmail login problems.

The original guide follows...

Have you received a Hotmail "the page can not be displayed" error?

From time to time the hotmail system can go down, or a problem on your computer may be preventing you from correctly loading the hotmail web site in your web browser. If you reboot and still have a problem you can find more information about hotmail outages by calling 1-650-964-7200. If you select option 1 for not being able to connect to the hotmail web site they will offer several troubleshooting steps including:

  • Clear your web browser cache and cookies
  • Reset your web browser privacy and security settings to the defaults
  • Visit for additional assistance
  • Run an XP system restore to a previous restore point (a little extreme if you ask me...)
Generally speaking there is limited support for the free email service providers.

If you are still running into troubles you can post a question in our MSN Hotmail forum and we will do our best to help you.