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The new Windows Live Hotmail has a feature that allows you to designate a charity that Hotmail will support with a portion of their advertising revenue. This is an optional feature, that defaults to off, but wen enabled will add a signature to all of your outgoing e-mail. Every e-mail that you send from hotmail will help to support the charitable organization of your choice.

To select a charity:

  • Select More Options from the Options menu in the top right of your Hotmail inbox
Hotmail - More Options.JPG

  • Under Customize your mail select I'm making a difference
Hotmail - Customize your mail.JPG

  • Select your Charity and click the Save button when you are done.
Hotmail - I'm making a difference.JPG

If you have any questions about Windows Live Hotmail please start a new thread in our Windows Live Hotmail Support Forums.​