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I just noticed that all my email prior to 11/19/10 is gone.

I have had hotmail sicne 2002 and really can't get over loosing so mcuh email.

My sent mailbox seems intact. I am very concerned since I did not delete these emails. Please help!


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It could be a problem at Hotmail or someone else could have access to your email account.

To be safe you should immediately follow these steps -

I doubt this will help but double check the software on your computer such as your flash player etc and make sure it is up to date -

If you get this far and your old email has not reappeared there is a chance the Windows Live Team can restore at least some of your old email if you create a support request for their team - Lost or Deleted Emails Threads

Free email accounts have limited support. To help prevent this problem in the future you should make a regular backup of your Hotmail account or use an email account that has more support. One way to backup your Hotmail account if you really want to continue using their webmail page for doing your email is to occasionally connect with a pop3 program on your computer that can download a copy of your email from Hotmail -

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