Hotmail Account Closed


My hotmail account has been closed for the third time in a week and incoming emails have blocked.

I'm in the process of setting up a blog for establishing photographers and this requires me to send a large amount of emails, many of which bounce back resulting in (I assume) Hotmail suspecting me being a spammer. Although previously this issue has been investigated and my account has been unblocked, this last time my account has remained blocked for 40 hours and counting.

As I receive over 50 emails a day from photographers wanting to feature on my blog, I hate to think how many will have given up trying to contact me.

Previously Hotmail have barred outgoing emails from my account for 24 hours which is not such a big problem, but blocking incoming emails is obvioulsy a different matter.

I was wondering if there are any services other than hotmail that don't have such a harsh sending limits and are less likely to block my account every two days for sending a lot of emails?

Thanks in advance