Hotmail account blocked 10 ago.What to do?

Dick Lambert

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Friends,this is my cry of desperation! 29th of june my account with hotmail live was blocked under pretext that used wrong password too many times which can't be true.I went through usual procedure whereby hotmail sends you pincode for unlocking your account to the mobile phone.It was fine and worked for 24 hours then it started again.Nothing like pincode to mobile or unlock links for resetting password through alternate email worked anymore.I have reset password about 5 times,it didn't help.Account is still blocked.All my attempts to go through validation process in private WIND LIVE HOTMAIL forum did not result anything but standart replies ''your info is insufficient to verify the account ownership''.I do own this account about 10 years,i don;t remember an answer to security question and i don't remember address and postal code i have registered this account 10 years ago.Now i have an impression that i make little mistake which actual customer service member will resolve in a minute but i feel i am dealing only with an automated system which does not let me through.This email account is absolutely vital to me because for the past 10 years i was storing there about 12000 emails ,about 300 photos,my friends and customers contact details which i have not backed up anywhere else because i never had a problems like that before.Does some one know what can i do?How can i get in touch with actual service staff member?I am currently in Thailand.I did try to call an automated phone service of Microsoft but it does not recognise sometimes the names of project managers i was pronouncing.I 've spent about an hour on the phone but for no avail.Now i am absolutely desperate.It has been 10 days since the email is blocked..


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I have also been unable to access my Hotmail account for nearly a month. When I click onto forums and help pages, I get the same things over and over, and nothing has worked. I have several important documents and addresses saved in this account, along with pictures and contacts. I have done everything they asked me to do, and I still cannot get into my account. What in the world can we do?????