Hotmail account asked for registration but does not recognise me


New Email
Hotmail account of 15 years does not recognise which is longstanding account but does recognise
Does not recognise pw of 15 years. When try the Microsoft system for a help route it asks a security question that I cannot answer as I never provided it. It says my postcode is not valid which is rubbish - I cannot get through to speak to an advisor.
I recently set up alternate names on my account all of which were accessed through my original email address.
Please help!!!
I am UK timezone


Customer Service
Did you register at both .com and They are different domains. Just because you are registered at one does not mean you automatically have an account at the other UNLESS you registered at both. If you did this, you would have two different emails. Mail sent to .com would only go to your .com inbox and would only go to your mailbox.

If it is not recognizing your password and saying the security question is wrong which you did not provide, it's highly likely that you have been hacked. Try the steps HERE to regain control of your account.