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I found this formu hoping to receive correct support as I fail to find a place where to ask for.
I tried to ask at Microsoft Answer but so far no solutions found.

Here is the thread I posted at Microsoft Answer. You can refer to this for more details. Yes, it is in Italian but you can see screenshots that are useful for what I will state here.

I have my own mail server with qmail on CentOS 6.x italian. I use Roundcube to check mail via web, MS Outlook 2016 from my PC and Aquamail from Android to chech mail as IMAP account.

I have severa issues I wish to solve. My main goal is that reguardless of where I check mail from and from which software I check mail with I will always have individual mail (wheatehr sent, deleted, spam, received and so on) in the same folder and that the folder name is always the same.

When I setup an IMAP account I end up with several folders some in Italian and some in English and sometimes there are duplicates like ("Sent" and "Posta inviata").
Posta inviata in English means (Sent mail)

If I create a new mailbox from scratch and start fresh mail folders are in English and Itailan in Outlook and in italian from webmail. Please refer to this screenshot taken from Microsoft Answer thread I created.
This is something I need to solve, but how to?
(English is not my preferred language - Italian is)

If I add an existing IMAP account that exist on different mail clients I endup having all sort of mailfolders.
Please refer to this screenshot taken from Microsoft Answer thread I created.

I know that one solution has to do with "subscription" but what to subscribe and what to unsubscribe? How to know what to?

When in Outlook I have a lot of imap accounts + a local ".pst" file for some imap accounts strangly when I send and email the sent mail goes into ".pst" sent mail folder rather than on the proper imap send mail folder. How to rectify this wrong behavior?

Thank you...

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It appears that you're using the dovecot IMAP server. I'd ask that list for help with the IMAP server. Multi language support isn't something I've supported or had to fix.

Here is the link to get signed up with that mailing list - Dovecot Mailing List

Please share the solution in case anyone else finds this discussion. Thanks!