Has anyone tried Outlook.com Yet?

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Outlook.com is a new interface for Hotmail. Eventually all Hotmail users will be transitioned to it. It does look pretty nice and may even be a Gmail competitor.

Here is Microsoft's Annoucment of Outlook.com: Outlook Blog - Introducing Outlook.com - Modern Email for the Next Billion Mailboxes

Give it a shot today go to https://outlook.com and login with your Hotmail address.

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Have any users of this new interface noticed any 'bugs' ?

For me, when viewing a message (or composing one), the toolbar functions disappear and only faintly reappear when hovering over them with the cursor. It's annoying when the email's title interferes with the action I'm trying to find (delete, reply, whatever).

In general I still don't really trust Hotmail/Live/Outlook for email and probably won't – until they 1) increase their password length way beyond the 16-character limit, and 2) add two-factor authentication (which they're supposedly working on right now).

But it certainly is a nice, clean, simple interface. But I do kinda miss the theme options (limited though they were) that Hotmail has/had. :rolleyes:

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I did a first glace at the preferences a couple weeks ago. I'm taking a deeper look now.

At the time I liked that I could separate my incoming email so email to my Hotmail and email to my Outlook addresses arrive under different labels.

I never thought much of Hotmail's spam filtering. Hopefully Outlook.com does a better job.

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2) add two-factor authentication (which they're supposedly working on right now).

It's not two true factor like a 2-step gmail login, but when clicking into some sensitive Microsoft settings pages I now get a confirmation code to my alternate email address that has to be typed in before I can proceed.