hacked account and not recovarable


New Email
Good day I have had a hotmail account since 2001. This year around the month of June, my hotmail account stopped working properly. I could not send out messages. Then one day out of the blue I recived a message requesting that I update my details. I did that and my account got back to normal. Then out of the blue a message was sent out to everyone on my contact list. My account was hacked. I have since tried to recover my account with little help from the hotmail account recovery team. these people claim that they are not able to verify that I am the owner of the account. The information i give on the last emails I remember sending out seems not be valid to them. I am not sure whether I should say that the last email I sent was the one from the hacker. On top of that I have forgotten my secret question. I am told that I should get a new account. I don't want a new account I want my old account. I am a unisa student and I have tried to get them to send my details to me using the unisa account linked to hotmail. I mean the hacker cannot know this information but still nothing. I am really frustrated:(