Good Example - Why You Need An Email List


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Over the weekend I finally put the finishing touches on one of the books I am writing and I uploaded it to Createspace. When I got the ok the book was live and I could send people to it. I was very happy.

I sent out a quick newsletter to my list letting them know the book was available. I sold over 50 books in a matter of minutes and you know what there was no search engine involved.

I didn't care about where the book would rank in the search engines. It didn't even have it's own page on my site yet. Of course in time it will have a dedicated page that will rank well but this was instant flow of money back into my pocket.

If you are relying on search engine traffic you are missing out on a big part of making money online if you are not building up a newsletter list.


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I have some lists of addresses that have likely gotten stale over time due to me not sending them email often.

Do you recommend some flavor "is it still OK to email you?" newsletter?

Start from scratch? Remove addresses not emailed in over X time?


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I would just send the newsletters. There is no such thing as stale. If they don't want your newsletter they will unsubscribe.

You can send the first one saying it has been a while but I wouldn't bother. I would just pick up where you were.