Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

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To enable Gmail keyboard shortcuts click Settings in the top right of your screen:

Gmail Settings.JPG

Then select the Keyboard Shortcuts On radio button:

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts.jpg

Here are some of the available shortcut commands:

  • g then i – Open the Inbox.
  • g then s – Open Starred.
  • g then t – Open Sent Mail.
  • g then d – Open Drafts.
  • g then a – Open All Mail.
  • g then c – Open Contacts.
  • g then k – Open Tasks.

  • * then a – Select all conversations.
  • * then n – Deselect all conversations.
  • * then r – Select only read conversations.
  • * then u – Select only unread conversations.
  • * then s – Select only starred conversations.
  • * then t – Select only unstarred conversations.
  • x — Select a specific conversation; puts a check in checkbox; works as a toggle.
  • s – Stars a specific conversation; works as a toggle.
  • . – Open the More Actions dropdown list; works as a toggle.
  • e — Archive a conversation from current View into the All Mail View.
  • l – Open the Labels dropdown list to allow you to apply a label to a conversation.
  • # — Move the selected conversation to the Trash.
  • <Shift> + i — Mark selected conversations as read.
  • <Shift> + u – Mark selected conversations as unread.

  • c – Open a new message.
  • <Shift> + c – Open a new message in a new window.
  • / — Move cursor to the entry box for Search Mail.
  • z – Undo previous action. Mainly used when typing and works as an “undelete”.
  • Esc – Remove the cursor from a search box or any input field.

  • u – Return to conversation list (View) from current conversation.
  • k – Move to newer conversation; location indicated by black arrow on left.
  • j – Move to older conversation; location indicated by black arrow on left.
  • <Enter> or o – Open selected conversation; black arrow indicates selection.
  • <Shift> + <Enter> or <Shift> + o — Open a conversation in a new window; black arrow indicates selection.
  • p — Read previous message within a conversation.
  • n — Read next message within a conversation.
  • r – Reply to sender when a conversation is open.
  • <Shift> + r — Open the reply in a new window.
  • a — Reply to all when a conversation is open.
  • <Shift> + a — Open the reply to all in a new window.
  • f — Forward current conversation when a conversation is open.
  • <Shift> + f — Open the forward current conversation in a new window.
  • <Ctrl> + s — Save a new or edited conversation as a draft. Cursor must be in a text field.
  • [ -- Archive the current conversation and move to the previous one.
  • ] – Archive the current conversation and move to the next one.

The standard Windows shortcuts such as <Ctrl> + c, <Ctrl> + x and <Ctrl> + v are also usable within Gmail when editing text.

Most browser shortcuts such as <spacebar> and Shift + <spacebar> for scrolling up or down a page are also available.