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There was a recent uptick in posts about the Off The Record feature in Gmail. In Gmail taking a conversation "off the record" means that the history of the chat will not be saved in an attempt to help prevent the conversation from being recorded / saved. To take a conversation off the record click the Actions menu and then select Go off the record :

Gmail Chat - Actions.JPG Gmail Chat - Go off the record.JPG

To go back on the record go to the Actions menu and select Stop chatting off the record.

Off The Record (OTR) has a different meaning in some other chat applications. If you use Pidgin or Trillian for your instant messaging there is a plugin available called off the record. The OTR plugin provides a combination of encryption and security that allows you to both verify you are chatting with who you believe you are chatting with, and to encrypt your conversations making it more difficult for others to read them. This is useful if you use an IM service such as Yahoo Chat from a 3rd party chat program such as Pidgin.