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Do you have any funny e-mail stories? This afternoon a coworker of mine told me one about his parents. A couple nights ago his mom was doing some Christmas shopping on Amazon and was concerned when she did not get the e-mail confirmation for her order. After spending a good deal of time trying to figure it out with his mom, my coworker realized what had happened. His dads e-mail address was the first 2 initials last name at some free domain for example if his name was Bob Alexander Jones. Anyway, his mom put in her e-mail address the same way, first two initials last name, but that's not her address! She assumed it would go to her. Who knows if it bounced or someone else was surprised to find out they bought something on Amazon! OK, the order and shipping are valid, but the wrong confirmation e-mail address is still sure to cause a little confusion. Maybe she will get a Christmas card from the owner of that e-mail account. :)