Frustrated with gmail spell check??

Interested in much better Gmail spell check?

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david sinclair

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Have you ever found spell check within gmail frustrating? Each time - click once and then click again - aaarrrgghh!
I am developing software to be much quicker and easier - more like Word/Outlook spell check. If interested please let me know so I can send you information when I launch - - thanks

EQ Admin

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Hi David,

I had to go look to see that Gmail even had a spell check available anymore. I see it now digging into the "more options" at the bottom right of my compose screen.

Gmail Spell Check.jpg

I use the spell checking feature of my web browser to check my spelling. I suspect many other users do too since some of the major email providers don't offer spell checking anymore.

Is there anything about your spell checking that would be better than the web browser based spell checking already available?

Also, visitors might be more likely to "reply to this discussion" to get a notification when it's available instead of sending an email.

Good luck and let us know when it's available!

david sinclair

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pls can you explain more re:
spell checking feature of my web browser to check my spelling

My softwarek will be based on spellchekcing like within word/oulook- much better then even grammarly - do you think no one else has repsodned is a worrying sign that there is no interest in my idea??!! thanks