Fixing a mailing list?


New Email
Hey Guys,
I run a mailing list out of gmail for my university group and at the end of last year (after having the address and mailing list for the past 2 years) was sending emails to about 330 people and getting at least 20 bouncing back each time. For a long time I just ignored these bounce back (which I regret now) and late last year I realised that both Gmail and Hotmail (I personally had email addresses that were marking the emails as spam) had blacklisted our address as spam. This year we remade our mailing list so it only has people that want to email on there, but is there any way to fix the damage we've done to our email's reputation amongst the email providers?

I wish I had have read the info on this website two years ago, then this problem would never have come up.

Thank you for your help!