'.EXE' myemail@domain.com - What is the '.exe' for?


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I use Thunderbird to view my email, and I noticed '.EXE' in the To field right before my email address. I did a search online, and it seems to imply that it has to do with Power Shell, so I believe it is a way to automate sending mass email. I checked it on Virus Total, and the file seems to be clean. I saved it as a text file and here is the relevant portion:
To: "'blah@blah.net'" <blah@blah.net>, '.EXE'
Subject: blahblah SME Opportunity in blahblah, VA - blah
Ref: 106
Thread-Topic: blahblah SME Opportunity in blahblah, VA -
blahblah Ref: 106
Thread-Index: AdRJpP1pNkhalI4zTpu5yRok1VjmgQ==
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2018 07:56:47 +0000
Does anyone know what that is, and what it does?


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Looks like someone did a poor job scripting when sending out job opportunity spam.