Every six-months-or-so, Hotmail and MSN will not accept my E-mails

Chico Harris

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I have 4-5 day a week E-mail that goes out to a few hundred people. Every six months or so, all E-mails I send to Hotmail and MSN addresses get sent back with this message:

<e-mail address>
Permanent Failure: MAIL FROM: <chico@oxfordland.net> 550 REPLY: 550_SC-004_Mail_rejected_by_Windows_Live_Hotmail_for_policy_reasons._A_block_has_been_placed_against_your_IP_address_because_we_have_received_complaints_concerning_mail_coming_from_that_IP_address._If_you_are_not_an_email/network_admin_please_contact_your_
Delivery last attempted at Tue, 6 Apr 2010 21:38:29 -0000
Reporting-MTA: dns; isp.att.net
Arrival-Date: 6 Apr 2010 21:38:29 +0000

I get it for about 60 addresses, all Hotmail or MSN. All I can figure, is someone who asked to be added decide they wanted off and instead of telling me, they told Hotmail/MSN, which blocked everything from my address. How do I fix this?

I use just basic outlook express Mac E-mail to send the almost 400 e-mails at once, if anyone has a suggestion to do this better, please let me know as the list grows almost daily.


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Yes, the problem might be due in part to the recipients reporting the email as spam instead of using your unsubscribe links.

It might also be due to a different issue originating from your sending IP address.

Are you able to rate limit how fast you send mailing lists to Hotmail, Yahoo and other free webmail services?

If this is a business mailing list you can try a mailing list service such as Constant Contact or iContact.